The Starters

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  • Sprout Salad 100 Gardens, Seasoned Vinegar, Home Made Croutons & Redc Wild Fruits

    Mix of sprout salads 100 gardens, seasoned with aromatic Lardone, Seasoned Vinegar, Wild Red Fruits & our Rosemary Crumbs
  • Crispy Egg Truffle & Fondue by Asiago Cheese

    Our famous Crunchy Egg proposed for the first time at the Grand Gala of Bacalà di Sandrigo in 2018 and since then always on our menus. Crunchy Pillo Pasta, Egg Yolk dipped in Asiago cheese fondue & Black Berici Truffle
  • Montagnana's Raw Ham, Pears & Asiago Cheese

    The Veneto Raw Ham Berico Euganeo DOP has been known since 1400, soft, rosy, with an inviting scent and a sweet taste. Cut at the moment accompanied by a soft Pear cooked at low temperature, flavoured with PepperLimone and seasoned Asiago threads.
  • Locanda Appetizer

    The Appetizer with the capital 'A': Polenta Corn Meal Marano De.Co. Crunchy Oven with Melted Black Asiago, Sopressa delle Valli De.Co, House Coppa of Pork & Flan with Forest Mushrooms
  • The 'Sliced This'

    To share, All Strictly Venete Excellences... The Sopressa of the Valleys De.Co., Salame with Garlic, Villafranca's Culaccia , The Pork Coppa of Home & Veneto Raw Ham, accompanied by Our Pickles.
  • Sardines Saor style

    Classic Appetizer Veneto, Sardines , deboned, breaded and fried, and then as per tradition put in good Saor, with stewed onion, pine nuts, sultanas and white vinegar, left to rest for at least 4 days. Served with Corn Meal Marano De.Co. steamed
  • Creamy Cod Fish & "Pan de Bari" De.Co.

    Delicately Creamed Cod , served with 'Pan de Bari' De.Co. (the Toasted Bread still baked in the oldest wood-burning oven in Vicenza).
  • Raw Scampi & Red Prawns with Lemon Pepper

    2 Scampi and 2 Red prawns, Seasoned with Garda Sea Evo Oil & Pepper Lemon

First dishes

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  • * Abbadesse Carnaroli Rice with Berici Black Truffle & Asiago

    Minimum 2 portions, it takes at least 20 minutes to wait for this Risotto, with a few simple but important ingredients: the rice of Grumolo delle Abbadesse De.Co., the Black Truffle of Berici and the good Broth. It is cooked with sweetness and care, and finally creamed with Butter of Malga & Asiago Nero DOP and a mince of Black Pepper just before serving.
  • Noodles or dumplings of potatoes Montefaldo De. Co. Made in Locanda

    10 Eggs, a pinch of salt and a kilo of flour for our noodles always hand-rolled. A kilo of potatoes from Montefaldo De.Co., 300 grams of flour and a pinch of salt to make our gnocchi, better than ever. - To be seasoned with: Meat Sauce, Tomato, Wild Mushrooms or Pesto Veneto
  • Fagottini Prosciutto & Pere

    They have been on our menus since 2000, and have never been removed, they have many attempts at imitation, but as we do, nobody does them. And to celebrate the 20th birthday Every 4 portions of Fagottini consumed in Locanda 1 Bottle of Fagottino wine to bring and drink at home (promotion not valid on Wednesday)
  • § Cuttlefish Black Linguine & Cuttlefish Ragout in White

    Linguine with cuttlefish ink need 12 minutes of cooking, as soon as they are drained they are sautéed in a pan and seasoned with the white sauce of baby cuttlefish.
  • The Pasticcio

    Pie, The one with a capital P! Five alternating layers of soft lasagna and spinach lasagna, sprinkled abundantly with béchamel sauce, meat sauce of the Locanda (which is cooked slowly for at least 8 hours) and Grana Padano cheese. Served au gratin.
  • Il Pasticcio di Carciofi

    Five alternating layers of soft egg lasagna, generously sprinkled with béchamel sauce, Artichokes Trifolati and Grana Padano cheese. Served au gratin.
  • Porcini Mushrooms, Potato & Prawn Cream

    Soup of Montefaldo Potatoes, Porcini & Seared Prawns. Served hot, with a drizzle of EVO Oil and rosemary.

Main Courses

Meat, Fish & Cheese

  • Cod ‘Sacro’ & 'Profano'

    The Bacalà "Sacro" alla Vicentina according to the recipe of the Confraternita del Bacalà alla Vicentina and the Bacalà "Profano", with the addition at the end of cooking of Porcini, served with corn Marano De.Co. (native Vicentine corn).
  • Sorana's Beef sirloin at Sale Maldon

    The Sorana is the female bovine animal aged between 18 and 24 months (sometimes up to 3 years old) that has never given birth. Marbled to the right point, it is served medium cooked sprinkled with Maldon salt and a drop of Garda Evo Olive Oil. Accompanied with Corn Marano De.Co. (Specify for other cooking).
  • Long Bone Pork Chop

    Slow Cooking dish. La Nostra Braciola Osso Lungo, "BOL", circa un Chilo di Maiale, viene cotta sulla griglia e richiede almeno 30 minuti per cuocerla bene, la sua bontà ne varrà l'attesa. Served with corn Marano De.Co.
  • 'Important' pork cutlet

    400 grams of goodness, fried and finished cooking in the oven. You can choose natural or seasoned with mushrooms or cheeses.
  • § Lamb Chops Honey & Chilli Chilli Chops

    Il nostro Agnello piccolo e morbido , circa 400 grammi di costolette servite rigorosamente rosate. Season only with a dash of Acacia Honey and threads of Chilli Pepper and salt. Served accompanied by Corn Marano De.Co.
  • Grand Grill - Sorana, Long Bone Chop & Lamb - for 2 people

    Piatto a Lenta Cottura, (Circa 30 minuti di attesa) da Condividere. Our Meats: Lamb Chops, Long Bone Chop & Sorana Sirloin, Served with Corn Marano De. Co. Recommended for 2 people.
  • Breast of guinea fowl with potatoes, sweet onions & porcini mushrooms

    Slow cooking dish: breast of Guinea fowl, braised in a pan and then cooked at low temperature with Montefaldo De.Co. potatoes, sweet onion cream & pork. Served with Corn Marano De.Co.
  • Salmon fillet, Pumpkin & Pistachios

    Salmon fillet, deboned and cooked at low temperature, served on a cream of Pumpkin Violin from the Orti di Altissimo & Crispy Pistachios.
  • § Ombrina al Forno con Patate

    Piatto a Lenta Cottura. Filetto di Ombrina spinato, . Ricoperto di Patate Montefaldo De.Co., cotto Lentamente al forno per almeno 20 Minuti.
  • Cheese Board & Jams

    Selection of 5 Italian cheeses mainly from Veneto. Served with Jams / Mustards
  • “First Fruits”: Selection of our Vegetables.

    Dish to share of our side dishes of the day & Corn Marano De.Co to eat in company.

Locanda's Salads

Sprout salad, Croutons, Tomatoes & ...

  • Veneta

    Asiago,Olives & Pears
  • Laguna

    Shrimp,Oranges & Celery
  • Locanda

    Chicken,Pine seeds & Plums

Locanda's Proposals

All Table Menu

  • Beati i Primi

    Tasting of three first courses: Fagottini Prosciutto & Pears, Egg Noodles with Pesto Veneto & Montefaldo potato dumplings De.Co al Bacalà
  • Locanda

    Locanda Starer, Berici Black Truffle Risotto De.Co. & Asiago cheese, Long Bone Chop & Veneto cookies
  • Bacala

    Bacalà Mantecato, Potato dumplings at Bacalà, Bacalà Sacred & Profano & Sgroppino
  • Æolia

    Mystique at Lardone Balsamic, Crocchetti, Bassoin Ham & Pears, Grilled Sorana & Gratinata Puff
  • Sea

    Raw shrimps & prawns, Spaghetti with Squid ink & Cuttlefish, Salmon Pumpkin & Pistachios, Sgroppino.

The sweet temptations at the end of the meal

All our desserts are prepared in small daily quantities.

  • Sgroppino

    Lemon, Prosecco & Limonello ice cream mixed at the moment. Three simple ingredients that together refresh the palate.
  • Glazed Pears

    Pears cooked in Caramel, glazed with berries, shortcrust pastry and milk ice cream
  • Tiramisù' Locanda Style

    Our classic dessert with a heart of dark and crunchy chocolate chip wafer.
  • Burnt Cream

    Let's not call it Cream-Brulè or Cream Catalana, even if the Spanish one is the one that looks more like her. Few but good ingredients, Eggs, Milk, Sugar, Cornflour, Grated orange peel and brown sugar that is caramelized with the burner, only at the time of bringing it to the table.
  • Cream Caramel

    This is the Cream Caramel you have always been looking for: Fresh Eggs, Whole Milk, a dash of cream to give creaminess, Sugar and Vanilla Bourbon. Cooked in a jar, so that the Aromas remain imprisoned inside. Covered with Salted Caramel put only at the time of serving it. More good than that 'maybe' only Grandma does!
  • Namelaka with Fruit Heart

    The term "Namelaka" comes from Japan and its meaning is "ultra creamy/extremely creamy". We make it to the creams and in the center we put a heart of soft fruit. We could even call it parfait, but it wouldn't do it justice.
  • baked ice cream

    Crispy puff pastry, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and brown sugar au gratin. We have been doing this for over 30 years. Without changing anything.
  • Small Fruit Tart

    Small Tart with Almond Shortcake, with vanilla & fruit cream. Assembled at the moment, to ensure the genuine crunchiness of the shortbread.
  • Non Dire di No

    Three variations of Salty Toffee, Dark Chocolate 80%, White Chocolate & Pistachio, enclosed in a small crispy wafer of bitter cocoa shortcrust pastry.
  • l'Affogato

    Affogato scomposto, Hazelnut Ice Cream, Coffee & Tagliatella di Bassano, to compose at the table.
  • Apple Strudel with Milk Cream Ice Cream

    Apple and cinnamon strudel, as per traditional recipe. served warm, with Fiordilatte and Salted Caramel ice cream
  • Gli Gnocchi, ma non di patate

    Bon Bon at the end of a meal with dark chocolate 80% and brown cream, excellent with a glass of Morlacco Blood
  • Cookies Veneti

    Selection of Biscotti Veneti, Zaeti, Esse di Burano and Pevarini, served with a Cup of Veneto Dolce & Passito Wine
  • The Ice Cream of the Locanda

    Milk, Hazelnut, Lemon & Vanilla.