La Rotta

del Bacalà

La The Quality Lunch Break
from Monday to Friday

Locanda Veneta

Quality is our recipe

The Bacalà route, from Røst to Vicenza in 3 bites...

Il Bacalà Mantecato. Il Bacalà 'Sacro' alla Vicentina e il Bacalà 'Profano' alla Vicentina con i Porcini,
sweaty corn meal Maraneo and a glass of Vespaiolo wine fresh from the cellar

Because lunchtime isn't just about salads.

€ 14,00 all inclusive.
also the pleasure and satisfaction you will have after tasting it.

We are waiting for you all week from Monday to Friday, for those who want to enjoy a high quality meal, spending the lunch break immersed in a comfortable atmosphere with a garden view.