Locanda Veneta's Proposal of the Day

Wednesday Evenings Only
The Long Night of the `Fagottini'
5,00 per portion

Il Menù d'Autunno dal 10 Settembre 2022

In the Kitchen Lucia, Rachele , Luca & Maria In the restaurant room Noemi, Angelica, Pietro

The Starters

to begin with

  • Crudità di orto, di mare e di terra

    Tre Carpacci: Of unripe tomatoes with lemon pepper, of langoustine & red shrimp with pimenton, and of meat 'salada'
  • Antipasto Locanda

    The Apetizer ! Corn meal Marano De.Co. crispy Forno with melted Asiago Nero, Sopressa delle Valli De.Co, Coppa di Casa & Pumpkin, Porcini & Ricotta Flan
  • Il Baccalà Mantecato con il "pan de Bari" De.Co.

    Venetian-style bacalà, delicately whipped, served with 'Pan de Bari' De.Co. (Vicenza's oldest handcrafted wood-fired oven baked cookie bread).
  • Sfogliatella ai funghi & Sopressa al Torcolato

    Warm pastry filled with wild mushrooms, served with Torcolato-flavored sopressa Vicentina.
  • Ȼ Tortino di patate, Asiago & pere

    Slow-cooked dish (about 20 minutes) Fimon potato pie, with soft heart of Asiago d'Alpeggio cheese and pears in Red Wine. Don't let the farmer know how good the cheese with pears is!
  • Misticanza 100 Orti al Lardone & Aceto Stagionato

    Mix of baby salad 100 gardens, seasoned with aromatic lard, Aged vinegar, summer fruits & our rosemary crocchetti

First dishes

to continue

  • Ȼ * Riso Carnaroli delle Abbadesse al Tartufo Nero dei Berici & Asiago

    Slow-cooked dish. Minimum 2 servings, at least 20 minutes are needed for this risotto, with its few simple but important ingredients: Grumolo delle Abbadesse De.Co. rice, Berici black truffle and good broth. It is gently and carefully cooked and ultimately mantecatoed with malga butter & Asiago nero DOP and a grinding of reindeer pepper just before serving.
  • Fagottini Prosciutto & Pere Doppia Porzione

    So good that you can order 2 servings directly.
  • Fagottini Prosciutto & Pere

    They have been on our menus since 2000, and have never been taken off; they have many imitation attempts, But the way we make them, no one makes them.
  • Tagliolini Tartufati ai Porcini & Noci

    The egg noodles, are kneaded directly with Berici Black Truffle, seasoned with porcini mushrooms & walnuts from Veneto. A drizzle of Evo oil and a handful of grana padano cheese before serving.
  • Ȼ § Linguine al nero di seppia e gamberi

    The linguine needs 12 minutes of cooking time, as soon as it is drained it is sautéed in the pan where the shrimp were cooked with squid ink and a pinch of reel pepper.
  • Tagliatelle all'Uovo o GranGocce di patata & Zucca

    We make the noodles with 10 eggs, a pinch of salt and a pound of flour and then pull and cut them by hand. Grangocce are spoon-made dumplings, kneaded from 3/4 potato and 1/4 delica squash. To be seasoned with: the Locanda's ragout, Veneto pesto (Verona radicchio, stravecchio asiago, Veneto walnuts and sunflower and pumpkin seeds) or tomato.
  • Ȼ Bigoli con il sugo d’Anitra

    “Arna lessa e bigolo tondo a Rosario contenta il mondo.” Americans for Thanksgiving Day have turkey as their signature dish, in the Vicenza area for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary are "bigoli co' l'arna." But they are so good that we at Locanda Veneta offer them on the other days of the year as well! Traditional Vicenza egg bigoli have a cooking time of about 15 minutes, and are freshly seasoned with "de Arna" sauce. The duck is cooked once for 2 hours in broth with vegetables and red wine. Then stripped and cut strictly by hand pulp and skin. Quindi cotta un’altra volta per altre 3 ore, with Evo oil, a generous base of vegetables, a pinch of salt and peppercorns And flavored lightly with cinnamon. Slow-cooked dish.
  • Ȼ La sfogliata di Baccalà alla Vicentina & Funghi di Bosco

    Egg lasagna pie with alternating layers of béchamel sauce with wild mushrooms, Vicenza-style dried cod and grana padano cheese. Serve au gratin. Slow cooking dish
  • Ȼ Il Pasticcio

    Pie, The one with a capital P! Five alternating layers of soft egg lasagna generously sprinkled with béchamel sauce, Locanda's ragout (which is slow cooked for at least 8 hours) and grana Padano cheese. Served au gratin. Slow cooking dish
  • § Zuppa di Ceci & Cozze

    Potato, chickpea & mussel soup, slightly spicy, served not piping hot with a cross of evo oil and fresh rosemary

Main Courses

Meat, Fish & Cheese

  • Ȼ Gran Griglia - Sorana, Braciola Osso Lungo & Agnello - per 2 persone

    Slow Cooker Dish, (Approximately 30 minutes waiting time) to share. The meats: lamb chops, Osso Lungo chop & sorana counter filet, served with polenta Marano De. Co., Recommended for 2 people
  • Sorana's Beef sirloin at Sale Maldon

    Seared just right, it is served medium-cooked sprinkled with Maldon salt and a drizzle of Garda Evo oil. Served with polenta Marano De.Co. (Specify for other cooking). Sorana is any female cow not older than 20 months, who has never yet given birth. A young cow, with the right amount of fat, and has not been exploited for its milk.
  • § Costolette di Agnello fior di piselli

    Our small, soft lamb chops, about 350 grams, served strictly pink. After quickly tossing them in pea flour they are cooked in a pan. Serve accompanied by polenta Marano De.Co.
  • Bacalà‘Sacro’ & 'Profano'

    Bacalà "Sacro" alla Vicentina as per the recipe of the Confraternity of Bacalà alla Vicentina and "Profane" Bacalà, with the addition at three-quarters cooking time of wild mushrooms served with polenta Marano De.Co. (Ancient native maize from Vicenza).
  • Ȼ § Rombo in crosta di patate

    Turbot fillet, filleted, covered with puffed potatoes, baked gently in the oven. Slow cooking dish
  • Ȼ Braciola di Maiale OssoLungo

    Slow Cooker Dish (Approximately 30 minutes waiting time) Our long bone-in chop, "BOL," weighs about a pound, is cooked on the grill and needs at least 30 minutes to cook well; its goodness will be worth the wait. Served with polenta Marano De.Co.
  • Ȼ Cotoletta Importante

    Slow-cooked dish (About 20 minutes waiting time) 400 grams of goodness, fried and then browned in the oven, You can have it au naturel, with Veneto cheeses or tricolor, with baby salads, cherry tomatoes and black Asiago cheese
  • Ȼ Maialino da latte CBT

    Slow-cooked dish (About 20 minutes waiting time) Low-temperature cooked piglet scented with red fruits, gently braised in the oven at the time of serving, served with polenta Maraneo De.Co.
  • Cheese Board & Jams

    Selection of 5 Italian cheeses mainly from Veneto. Served with Jams / Mustards
  • “First Fruits”: Selection of our Vegetables.

    Dish to share of our side dishes of the day & Corn Marano De.Co to eat in company.

Locanda's Salads

Sprout salad, Croutons, Tomatoes & ...

  • Veneta

    Asiago,Olives & Pears
  • Laguna

    Shrimp & Oranges
  • Locanda

    Chicken,Pine seeds & Plums

Locanda's Proposals (at least for 2) Exclusively for the whole table

all courses of the table menu are available individually a la carte

  • Locanda

    Locanda Starer, Berici Black Truffle Risotto De.Co. & Asiago cheese, Long Bone Chop & Veneto cookies
  • Bacala

    Bacalà Mantecato, Bacalà Gnocchi, Sacred & Profane Bacalà & Lemon Gelo
  • Æolia

    Sprout Salad w/ Lardone & Balsamic, Crocchetti, Fagottini Ham & Pears, Grilled Sorana & Backed Ice Cream
  • Sea

    Crudités de Scampi, Linguine al nero with shrimp, Turbot, Lemon Gelo
  • Beati i Primi

    Tasting of three first courses: Fagottini Prosciutto & Pears, Tagliatelle al pesto veneto & Gnocchi al Bacalà

The sweet temptations at the end of the meal

All our desserts are prepared in small daily quantities.

  • Namelaka

    Velvety, fluffy, versatile: these are the three characteristics of Namelaka (meaning ultra-creamy), the cream born from the creativity of a Japanese pastry chef at École du Grand Chocolat Valrhona.
  • Tentazione Fondente

    Today not available
    Dark chocolate and hazelnut pyramid with whipped cream heart
  • Mini Sacher

    3 like sins, soft and chocolatey
  • Cookies Veneti

    Selection of Venetian Biscuits, Zaeti, Esse di Burano and Pevarini, served with a cup of sweet Veneto Wine
  • Tiramisù' Locanda Style

    Our classic dessert with a heart of dark and crunchy chocolate chip wafer.
  • Strudel di Mele con Gelato

    Apple and cinnamon strudel, as per traditional recipe. Served warm, with ice cream and Caramel.
  • Burnt Cream

    Let's not call it Cream-Brulè or Cream Catalana, even if the Spanish one is the one that looks more like her. Few but good ingredients, Eggs, Milk, Sugar, Maizena, grated orange peel and brown sugar which is caramelized with a burner only at the moment of bringing it to the table.
  • Bicerin

    La Rosada Veneta, (crema al cucchiaio simile alla panna cotta) aromatizzata al rosolio e frutti di bosco.
  • Gelo al Limone

    Classic sorbet ingredients. Lemon, Sparkling Birbante & Limonello Ice Cream. Three simple ingredients that together refresh the palate. To be eaten with a spoon and then drunk all at once

* Minimum for 2 - § Frozen Product - Ȼ Slow Cooker Plate
- Serving 2.00 -