Proposal Lunch, Dinner, Meeting & Farewell

Terms & Conditions

- Menus reserved for groups of at least 20 people. Prices shown are inclusive of cover, service and taxes.
- Confirmation of persons 4 days before the event. You pay for confirmed people, any invoice will be issued at the time of payment.
- A deposit of 10% of the total amount is required to guarantee the booking, for a minimum of € 80.00. and balance at the end of the event
- Gluten-free meals for celiacs or vegetarians are available on request.
- Locanda Veneta can accommodate groups of various types and entities, providing personalized menus according to your requests and guests' needs.
- Where not specified, the price of our proposals includes:
1/3 of Our Locanda Selection Bottle Wine and ½ mineral water per person.
- The place assigned, and the shape of the tables can be changed at the restaurant's discretion, we try to satisfy your requests, but in order to obtain the best result we cannot guarantee them.
- For the child we have  a menu suitable for their palates will be offered.
- Children From 0 to 3 years Will be guests of Locanda, from 4 to 10 years 50% discount on the agreed price.

Availability of the hall From 12.00 to 16.00
Or from 7.00 pm to midnight.

The menus may undergo variations based on the seasonality of the products. For all information or alternative menus, please contact us.
Sparkling white wine, orange and grapefruit juices, olives and pretzels € 3.00
Prosecco, Orange & Grapefruit Juice, Puff Pastry, Savory Cakes, Flakes
Cheese, Montagnana crudo and Venetian morsels € 8.00

This price list starts from 1 February 2020

The Locanda Veneta was born from the merger of two historic families from the Vicentina restaurant, Chemello & Sartori.
Immersed in the green, just out of the chaos of the city, it offers seasonal cuisine, rich in tradition and excellent local products.
In addition to good food, here you can find mini apartments of different sizes for cultural and gastronomic weekends or for longer periods.
The strategic location (Vi-Ovest) allows you to reach, in 5 minutes, the Fair, the historic center, the Del Din base, the Civil Hospital and the railway station to reach neighboring cities such as Venice, Padua and Verona.
For those who decide to spend a few days in our apartments will have the opportunity to eat, and dine at a discounted price at the Locanda, where we will be happy to welcome you on our veranda or in the garden.
And as tradition has it, on our table we cannot miss the Bacalà alla Vicentina, symbol of our cuisine and prepared to perfection by Luca, part of the Venerable Confraternity of Bacalà alla Vicentina.
The staff will be happy to welcome you and make you spend the event happily!

I Locandieri 
Maria & Luca

e Tutto Lo Staff

Menu 1

Mixed Herb Salad w/ Braised Pork Bacon
& Balsamic Dressing

Fagottini Pasta Pouches
filled with
Ham and Pear

Sfogliatina Gratinata
(Special Ice Cream Dessert)


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(no Beverage)

Menu 2

Mixed Herb Salad w/ Braised Pork Bacon & Balsamic Dressing

Risotto with Lemon & Saffron
Fagottini Pasta Pouches filled with
Ham and Pear

Chicken w/ Vegetables

Catalana Cream


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Menu 3 

Yellow Polenta and Salami

Herbs w/ Smoked Cheese Risotto
Fagottini Pasta Pouches filled
with Ham and Pear

Checks of Pork w/ Vegetables
& Yellow Polenta

Mascarpone Cup


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Menu 4

Raw Veneto Ham w/
Raw Pear & Cheese

Peas Risotto
Crepes with Cheese & Ham

Warm Roastbeef w/
Raw Mushrooms & Salad

Lemon Sorbet


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